By Kelley Coffeen

Buen Provecho! Beyond the Kitchen with Kelley will be an adventure…I promise you that! Come along and discover, explore and experience the flavorful cuisine of Las Cruces, New Mexico. We will stop by my kitchen from time to time, to cook and taste… (how about some homemade green chile enchiladas?), enjoy a spicy Mexican Shrimp Cocktail on Cake-BLOGthe patio at La Posta, spiked with tequila, of course, maybe stop in for a hearty burger and hand cut fries at Chilito's. Come along and learn about the wine making process at Amaro Winery all done on site or relax and enjoy a sweet dessert at Josephina’s Old Gate Cafe.

Let’s kick this food tour off with a cool Margarita and a few things I love about Las Cruces!


Margarita Classico

Margarita_Shot-BLOGFrozen margarita is perfectly balanced — not too tart and not too sweet. The combination of beer, tequila and liqueur makes for a smooth frosty margarita

•    Margarita glasses

•    Blender

1 lime, cut into 5 wedges

Kosher salt

3⁄4 cup frozen limeade concentrate

3⁄4 cup silver tequila

11⁄2 oz orange-flavored liqueur, such as  Triple Sec, Cointreau or Grand Marnier

3⁄4 cup light beer

5 cups cracked ice, divided

1. Rub rim of each glass with a lime wedge. Dust with salt. Shake off any excess salt.

2. In blender, blend limeade, tequila, liqueur, beer and 3 cups (750 mL) of the ice until slushy, 2 to 3 minutes. Add more ice, if desired. Pour into each glass and garnish each with a lime wedge.

Tip: For a thicker frozen margarita, reduce light beer to 1⁄2 cup (125 mL) and add more ice for desired consistency.  

(Excerpt from 300 Best Taco Recipes, Robert Rose Publishing 2011)    


Now that we are getting to know each other over a cocktail let me tell you…. I love the Mexican culture and traditions, from enjoying the sounds of Mariachis to celebrating Cinco de Mayo. I enjoy fresh roasted green chile and rich red Red_Chile-BLOGchile sauce.  The aroma of roasting fresh green chile in August is amazing. I love cooking big pots of steamy soup such as Posole, and meaty stews, they are so comforting and tasty! The essence of our Mexican culture is the heart of my home. I enjoy collecting Mexican glassware, adding Mexican tile to little spaces in my home, and decorating with piñatas and Mexican flowers. Beyond my love for all things Mexican, is my admiration for the dining environment Las Cruces offers where tradition and innovation collide in flavors we will just have to try together! International flavors and infused combinations of cuisine range from Pecan Glasses-BLOGGreen Chile Maki Sushi, (from the Mix) especially at the Mix to Vanilla Pineapple Tequila, infused on site  at De La Vegas Pecan Grill. We are blessed with all the other elements of superior dining in Las Cruces such as serving aged steaks to perfection at the Double Eagle, or simply enjoying a steamy espresso at International Delights.

So join me and experience the fearless flavors in and around Las Cruces. We will discover, explore and experience the flavorful cuisine a spoonful at a time.

If you have discovered a tasty bite, favorite eatery or tip on dining in Las Cruces please let me know!