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Brendan Fraser, Recipient “Outstanding Achievement in Entertainment” Award

The Las Cruces International Film Festival is the newly named White Sands International Film Festival which ran for nine years. LCIFF celebrates independent film-making from around the globe in the majestic Southwestern town of Las Cruces, New Mexico. LCIFF offers filmmakers a chance to interact with industry professionals and offers a series of professional workshops. In the past, the festival has honored Val Kilmer, Jeffrey Tambor, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Danny Trejo. Each year the festival will honor a well-known film industry professional with the Mark Medoff Outstanding Achievement in Entertainment Award.

The Las Cruces International Film Festival Creative Team has selected Brendan Fraser to receive its “Outstanding Achievement in Entertainment” award. The prestigious honor will be presented at a reception from 9:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. for VIP ticket holders at Hotel Encanto de Las Cruces. Also attending the reception are selected independent filmmakers and sponsors of the film festival, according to a news release announcing the selection.

Film submittals, tickets and general information can be found at Las Cruces Film Festival.

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Hotel Encanto is a proud sponsor of the Las Cruces International Film Festival and is offering a ["SPECIAL"] festival package!


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  • 2 LCIFF All Access Passes to include access to all film screenings, workshops and Saturday, March 11th Awards Ceremony at Rio Grande Theatre;

  • 2 night stay at Hotel Encanto to include a complimentary appetizer and late check out based on availability;

  • VIP Services Wine Tour Discount Coupon;

  • Package available between March 9th – March 12th, 2017

  • LCIFF Official Event Poster;

  • Restaurant Discount Coupons;

  • Additional nights can be added for $99 per night – contact hotel directly to add more nights;

  • Visit Las Cruces Welcome Basket to include logo wine glasses and various other Las Cruces merchandise;

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