Sunset Strolls - 7:00 pm May 9th—August 9
Sunset strolls are a great way to end your day. Enjoy a leisurely one-hour ranger-guided walk through sand dunes and learn about the geology, plants, and animals of this unique area. Program starts at the sign along Dunes Drive about five miles from the visitor center. Programs are offered daily. Program is free; monument entrance fees apply.

Full Moon Hike - 7:45 pm Thursday, July 30
Have you ever wondered what the dunes look like under the glow of the moon? Join a ranger for a full moon hike and see firsthand the dunes in a whole new light. Reservations are required and can only be made via our website ( Reservations will be accepted starting two weeks in advance of the scheduled hike, and hike is limited to 40 participants. Special fees apply. $8.00 per person 16 and older. $4.00 per person 15 and younger. Monument entrance fees also apply. Reservations open 8 am Thursday, July 16th,

Full Moon Nights La Cella Bella - 8:30 pm Wednesday, July 1
Join La Cella Bella, a cello quartet that exploits the range and timbre of the cello, on the dunes for this Full Moon Night. They will entertain the audience with innovative and sparkling original arrangements from a wide variety of familiar tunes—ranging from folk songs to jazz ballads to alternative rock hits. La Cella Bella generates a musical experience that is new, fresh, and highly entertaining. It is both familiar and truly different, a unique and enjoyable sound. Monument entrance fees apply; program is free.

Full Moon Nights Dana Falconberry - 8:00 pm Wednesday, July 31
Dana Falconberry and her three-piece band will present rusticated chamber music using banjo, cello, and staggered vocal harmonies. This Austin songwriter is best known for her eloquent interpretations of nature and wildlife in her music. Dana Falconberry’s band has played festivals like ACL Fest and SXSW. Enjoy the sounds of Dana’s music in the inspirational setting of the dunes. Monument entrance fees apply; program is free.

Step into the Past – Mexican Arts and Show and Sale - 10 am—5 pm Saturday, July 11 and Sunday, July 12
Enjoy a Mexican Arts Show and Sale co-sponsored by the National Park Service and Western National Parks Association. Experience the rich Mexican culture, beautifully expressed through extraordinary Mata Ortiz pottery, whimsical Oaxacan wood carvings, and vibrant Zapotec rugs from Northern Chihuahua and Oaxaca Mexico. Enjoy live demonstrations through out each day. You will find a wide array of items, from $20.00 pots up to museum-quality pieces. All Artwork is hand made in Mexico. Program is free and will be held in the visitor center patio.

Skins and Skulls - 3:00 pm daily May 25—September 7
Join a ranger in the visitor center courtyard for a 20-minute talk about the amazing animals of White Sands. Rangers will have pelts, skulls, and other props to provide you an up-close look and feel of the elusive wildlife of White Sands. Program is free.

Tent Talks - 11:00 am daily May 25—September 7
Have you ever wondered where all this gypsum came from? Or how animals survive in this harsh environment? Join a ranger under the tent on the Innerdune Boardwalk for a 20-minute program that highlights some of the lesser-known stories about White Sands National Monument. Monument entrance fees apply; program is free.

Monument Hours
7:00 am–9:00 pm May 24—September 5. Dunes Drive will close to inbound traffic at one hour before the monument will close. The Highway 70 Gate and restrooms will close at the stated monument closing time.

Schedule is subject to change. Activities may be cancelled due to weather or missile range activities. Visit for more information. Monument entrance fees are $3.00 per person anyone 16-years and older; children 15-years old and under are free.