[minti_spacer height="25"][vc_column_text>Reader’s Digest has named the City of Las Cruces one of the “50 Nicest Places in America,” recognizing Las Cruces as an exceptionally kind place. For the third year, Reader’s Digest has looked to crowd-source and discover places where people are genuinely kind, compassionate, and nice to each other.[minti_spacer height="10"][vc_row bg_color="#8dc63f" top_padding="25" bottom_padding="25"]

Las Cruces Finalist in National Competition

[minti_spacer height="20"]Las Cruces is highlighted among the 50 American cities chosen, and the “Nicest Place in New Mexico.” Communities represented in the search range in size from 100-people communities to cities with populations of hundreds of thousands. Several Las Crucens submitted stories on why they felt their community should be highlighted as a space that promotes good-will. Stories ranged from a nine-year-old raising money for his sick grandfather, a local resident who raised tens of thousands of dollars to help the homeless after he himself grew up as a homeless teenager, and the kindness of locals helping feed, clothe, medicate, and translate for asylum seekers. “For people who know the folks of Las Cruces, this outpouring of kindness won’t come as a surprise”, the editors at Reader’s Digest wrote.[minti_button link="https://www.rd.com/nicestplaces/the-nicest-place-in-new-mexico-las-cruces/" target="_blank" color="custom" custom_color="#8dc63f"]Vote for Las Cruces[/minti_button][minti_image img="22396"][minti_image img="22394"][minti_image img="22395"][minti_spacer height="20"][minti_spacer height="20"]Over the next month, people can vote on which places are the “Nicest”, and Las Crucens are encouraged to vote for their hometown, and continue sharing what they love about their city. People can vote once per day until July 21. The city that is named the “Nicest Place in America” will receive a cover story on for the November issue of Reader’s Digest.

Read the full submissions for Las Cruces and the Reader’s Digest finalist writeup here: https://www.rd.com/nicestplaces/the-nicest-place-in-new-mexico-las-cruces/

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