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Monuments to Main Street is coming up soon – and it kicks off with a bang! Don’t miss the inaugural M2M kickoff party at Plaza de Las Cruces on Friday, September 1. This bash includes live music, food, giveaways and more. And don’t miss the entertaining Gun and Rope Show with Johnny Hotshot![minti_spacer ][vc_row bg_color="#dd3333" top_padding="20" bottom_padding="20"][vc_column]

Start Monuments to Main Street off right with food, fun and more.

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September 1

[vc_column][minti_divider style="2" margin="15px 0 15px 0"]Time:6pm – 8:30pm[vc_column][minti_divider style="2" margin="15px 0 15px 0"]Location:Plaza de Las Cruces, Las Cruces[vc_column][minti_divider style="5" margin="15px 0 15px 0"]

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