[vc_column]Head back to the Old West this Monuments to Main Street! As one of Doña Ana County’s most scenic and historic ranches, your Old West Stagecoach Ride, Show and Dinner takes place at the Corralitos Ranch.

Join us for a ride on a horse-drawn stagecoach past “Hold-Up Hill,” a delicious barbecue dinner and some true country entertainment from the Cowboy Storyteller. As the site of the historic Butterfield Stagecoach Trail, Apache raids and filming for Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, this sprawling cattle ranch is the perfect place for a night of food, fun and a true Old West experience.[minti_spacer height="7"][vc_row bg_color="#dd3333" top_padding="20" bottom_padding="20"][vc_column]

Tour Details

[vc_column][minti_spacer height="7"]Dates:

September 23

[vc_column][minti_divider style="2" margin="15px 0 15px 0"]Time:4pm – 7pm[vc_column][minti_divider style="2" margin="15px 0 15px 0"]Meeting Location: Corralitos Ranch, 3000 Corralitos Rd., Las Cruces[vc_column][minti_divider style="2" margin="15px 0 15px 0"]Participant Limit: 66 total per evening[vc_column][minti_divider style="2" margin="15px 0 15px 0"]Age Range:5+[vc_column][minti_divider style="2" margin="15px 0 15px 0"]What to Bring:Camera, sun hats, sunscreen, water & snacks[vc_column][minti_divider style="2" margin="15px 0 15px 0"]What’s Provided: Horse-drawn stagecoach ride, barbecue dinner & entertainment[vc_column][minti_divider style="2" margin="15px 0 15px 0"]Schedule a Tour:monuments2mainstreet.com | (877) 808-6877[vc_column][minti_divider style="2" margin="15px 0 15px 0"]Cost:$35/person[vc_column][minti_divider style="5" margin="15px 0 15px 0"]

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