The Renaissance ArtsFaire

Pass the cider and a turkey leg! The Renaissance ArtsFaire is back for its 52nd year! This year’s festival theme is Travelers in Time and will take place at Young Park. 

The Las Cruces Renaissance ArtsFaire is a must-attend event for anyone who loves history, culture, and art. This annual festival celebrates the Renaissance era and features live performances, demonstrations, and exhibitions of various art forms. People love the Las Cruces Renaissance Arts Faire because it offers a unique and immersive experience that transports them back in time. Visitors can dress in period costumes, interact with performers and artisans, and indulge in delicious food and drinks. Attending this event is a perfect way to spend a weekend with family and friends, learn about history and culture, and support local and traveling artists and vendors. 

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Arts, Minstrels, and Food!renaissance artsfaire 2

A mainstay at Young Park since its first event, attendees who step into the park enter another time and place through delicious and themed food, music, artistry, and merriment. During the event, the park takes on a festive atmosphere with distinctive areas that include: 

  • The Royal Courts
  • The Main Stage 
  • The Jousting Field
  • The Middle Eastern Village
  • The Children’s Realm

Of course, music from the Pied-Piper Minstrels and many other musicians fills the air with glee as spectators take in the sights and sounds along with folks who are dressed in authentic time-period costumes. The Society provides endless entertainment for Creative Anachronism, The Order of Epona, and Frosty Locks–plus the jousting matches. 

Food vendors offer all types of goodies for any taste, some contemporary favorites, and some recipes of times past. Some of the most famous medieval cuisine at the festival include turkey and “rat” on a stick. For the adults, the Dragon’s Eye Tavern is a must-see where one can partake in some Fine Grog or wine tasting.

While you’re at the festival, shop from local artists peddling fine goods, including jewelry, ceramics and pottery, hand-crafted leather and wood items, paintings and sketches, photographs, toys, sculptures, and more. 

Activities for the Wee Ones

Children also find enjoyment in fun, age-appropriate activities along with the pageantry. Moreover, a variety of games are set up throughout the Children’s Realm, like the Knight’s Ring and Dragon Toss, and little artisans can craft their own Renaissance-style masterpieces at the many crafts tables.

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