Every year, Reader’s Digest poses this question to the entire nation: Do you live in the nicest place in America? And every year thousands of stories filter in about amazing and kind human beings from all across the United States. This year we want to make sure that stories of Cruceños being kind and welcoming are heard. Whether you're a visitor or a local, we'd love it if you would share your experience about the kind of lovely people you'll find in the City of Crosses. There are a lot of great places, but there's no place quite like Las Cruces.


Many factors play into determining a Nicest Place, but here are some things that will help Las Cruces stand out:

  • We're an authentic place and an authentic people and it should show in our stories. The more detail in your stories, the better.
  • This list isn't about gorgeous parks, unbelievable landscapes, world-famous Mexican food, or charming downtown plazas (although we've got that too), it's about people, acts of kindness, neighbors, friends, and local movements that tell a narrative of who we are as a city.
  • Multi-nominations are always welcome, that is why we are inviting residents and fellow community organizations to nominate too! There are a million reasons that Las Cruces is the Nicest in New Mexico and in America, and we want to hear each and every one!

So go on, rep our city! Entries are due May 31st 2019. Please visit https://www.rd.com/nicestentry/ and fill out your entry today!

Nominate Las Cruces