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Heard It Through The Grapevine… 

The adventurous history of winemaking in southern New Mexico began more than 400 years ago with the smuggling of Spanish grapevines by a Catholic monk and has now evolved into New Mexico’s multi-million-dollar wine industry.

It started in the 1600’s with the planting of the Mission grape used for ceremonial purposes and has expanded into the production of a diverse variety of award-winning wines made possible by a small group of winemakers, who in the 1970’s saw the potential for wine production in the region. 

Much of southern New Mexico’s wines boast distinctive flavors only found in this region due to the rich and fertile Mesilla Valley soil. The area’s climate is perfect for growing and production, bringing visitors from all over the world to sip and savor local blends. Whether you enjoy a traditional dry red or a flavorful sparkling white with a New Mexican twist, we have something to satisfy everyone’s palate.

Today, the Las Cruces Wine Trail showcases locally-owned wineries and tasting rooms peppered through the city and Mesilla Valley. Annual wine festivals celebrate southern New Mexico’s long and rich history of wine. Be sure to enjoy a glass, a flight or share a bottle during your stay!

Wine Trail

Did you know southern New Mexico is the oldest wine producing region in the nation? Now that you do…