Historic MesillaBasilica de San Albino

Mesilla is a small town by today’s standards but 150 years ago it was the major stop for those traveling between San Antonio and San Diego. Mesilla hasn’t changed much over the years, allowing visitors to see what an 1800’s border town looked like.

Western legend Billy the Kid stood trial for murder in a Mesilla courtroom, and the Mesilla Plaza was once a major stop for the Butterfield Stagecoach. Originally, the town was part of Mexico, but with the signing of the Gadsden Purchase in 1854, the village became part of the United States.

Mesilla is anchored by the Basilica of San Albino. The church, originally built of adobe in 1855, still offers masses today, both in English and Spanish. Outside the church is a memorial to parishioners who died in combat. Today, Mesilla is home to historical attractions such as the San Albino Basilica, but it also features a variety of contemporary boutiques, unique stores, galleries, wineries and specialty restaurants serving traditional New Mexican cuisine and American fare.


Double Eagle BarHistoric Food Hub

Double Eagle...

is the epitome of fine dining in Las Cruces. The building has been around since 1849, and consists of several dining rooms that are decorated with intricate art pieces, portraits, and gold leaf mirrors. Each room is based on historic events and previous residents, and there are hand-cut chandeliers covering the restaurant, making it an unforgettable experience.

In addition to the fine dining that The Double Eagle provides, there is a more casual patio dining option called Peppers. Peppers serves items such as Crispy Fish Tacos, St. Louis Ribs, and their Cactus Jack BBQ Burger.

Located: 2355 Calle De Guadalupe


Andele Restaurant...

opened in 1996 as a take-out window owned by a father-daughter duo. It now serves patrons out of a very large dining room boasts its own mercado and tortilleria. It has become a sought-after location for people to enjoy classic Mexican food, such as posole, enchiladas, and Andele’s signature dish: Tacos Al Carbon. They are also famous for their homemade tortillas and salsa bar.

In 2011, they opened a separate patio-style location across the street called Andele’s Dog House where you can bring your dog while you dine. The Dog House offers most of the dishes that the original location does, with some added items, such as specialty hot dogs, chicken wings, and special baskets of fries.

Andele Restaurant Located: 1950 Calle Del Norte #1-3

Andele’s Dog House Located: 1983 Calle Del Norte


La Posta de Mesilla...

dates back to 1939, opened by a woman named Katy Griggs. It has grown from a hole-in-the wall eatery along the Butterfield Trail to an expansive restaurant with two bars, a patio, meeting/event spaces, tequileria and access to a historic theatre. La Posta was built on recipes that were handed down through the family and is known for serving classic Mexican dishes. In addition to locals and tourists, movie stars and presidents have stopped by. Make sure and try the expansive margarita selection and order up the margarita flight to find your favorite. The restaurant is a beautifully colorful historic building that is filled with New Mexican artwork, plants, fish and caged birds, making it a beloved and popular southern New Mexico staple.

Located: 2410 Calle De San Albino

margarita 2

La Posta de Mesilla Margaritas 

The debate over where the margarita got started continues, but there’s one thing that nobody questions: La Posta de Mesilla is in a category all its own. With a dozen margaritas on its menu, it’s no secret why La Posta is dominating the game. It all starts with the tequila.

The restaurant’s Adobe Cantina and Tequileria is home to more than 100 tequilas, a full bar and six beers on tap. And it’s where the award-winning margaritas are often made (it’s one of two bars at the restaurant). It is also where you can try La Posta’s signature Private Reserve Double Barrel Reposado. 

From the Classico to the Chile ‘Rita to everything in between, La Posta’s margarita menu has something for everyone. But if you’re stuck on a decision, the Margarita Mini Flight is for you.

The flight screams indulgence serving up mini versions of La Patrona, Chile ‘Rita, Coco Loco and the Blood Orange “Silver Coin.” LaPostdeMesilla.com describes the following margaritas as:

• La Patrona- “Made with La Posta’s Signature Patron Añejo Barrel Select Tequila, Patron Citrónge, and freshly squeezed lime juice.” 

• Chile ‘Rita- “An exotic blend of “Besito Caliente” blackberry/habanero sauce, lime juice, Hornitos 100% Agave Reposado Tequila & Patron Citrónge.” 

• Coco Loco- “1800 Coconut Flavored Tequila, fresh squeezed lime juice, agave nectar and pineapple juice.”

• Blood Orange “Silver Coin”- “A tasty blend of Herradura Silver 100% agave tequila, Cointreau, agave nectar, fresh squeezed lime juice and Blood Orange puree.”