Spaceport America Cup

New Mexico has seen its fair share of aeronautical and aerospace breakthroughs, from the dawn of the rocket on Robert H. Goddard’s ranch to NASA’s space shuttle landings at White Sands. With the same innovative spirit, Spaceport America hosts an international competition that brings the best of the best in the future of rocket engineering. 

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Spaceport America Cup 2023 2What Is the Spaceport America Cup?

The Spaceport America Cup combines networking, professional development, and of course, competition. This event draws hundreds of teams annually from over 150 colleges and universities across 24 nations. Students can attend conferences focused on their commonly shared passion– rocket design, and compete in contests where each team designs, constructs, and then launches their rocket. 

Best of all, the competition is open to spectators who can purchase tickets on the Spaceport America website for entrance into the week-long event. Once inside the venue, spectators will experience the buzzing activity in the sponsor area, where organizations have tables packed with information and souvenirs.

The competition itself takes place outdoors at Spaceport America, the world's first purpose-built spaceport, where the teams march to the launch site, carrying their rockets ready to do battle against the desert backdrop with the blue sky looming overhead. Over 5,000 rocketeers will put their designs and construction to the test. Only one team leaves victorious. 

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Why not make the most of your trip and take a day trip to Las Cruces? Located just an hour south of the spaceport, Las Cruces offers a charming and revitalized downtown, expansive outdoor recreation opportunities, local eateries, Historic Mesilla, a nationally recognized, year-round farmers market, and more. 

Centrally located at the crossroads of Interstate 10 and 25 and driving distance from two nearby international airports, Las Cruces is the best option for lodging, with nearly 60 hotels to choose from, and big city amenities with small town charm.