Looking for the road less traveled? County Road D012 via Corralitos Road showcases some of the lesser known areas of the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument and some incredible views of the Mesilla Valley. The road itself if frequented by those headed to Corralitos Ranch for a little wild west experience, exploration and horseback rides. Continuing past the ranch, a high clearance vehicle is recommended, as the road can be a little rough at times. The road ends at an arroyo at the base of Magdalena Peak, looking west from Las Cruces it's the mountain with the white dome at its summit. All in all, the drive is perfect for enjoying the lesser known portion of the OMDPNM all while enjoying those 360 views of the stunning southern New Mexico desert.

Watch the scenic drive on Corralitos Road/County Road D012:

The road to Magdalena Peak (seen in the background).

Must-see sights along the way:

1. Magdalena Peak

2. Agriculture: ranches, animals

3. Rough and Ready Hills




Scenic way to reach:

  1.  Corralitos Ranch
  2.  Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument
  3.  Sierra de las Uvas
  4.  Magdalena Peak
  5.  Valles Canyon
  6.  Sugarloaf Peak

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