Drive north far enough on Valley Drive in Las Cruces and it will suddenly shift from a road flanked by local businesses, into a scenic drive through an agriculturally rich part of southern New Mexico. For those wanting to explore more of the Mesilla Valley and head into the Hatch Valley, to reach the “Chile Capital of the World” Hatch, NM, or just to get out of town, New Mexico Highways 185 is the way to go.

Watch a portion of the scenic drive on New Mexico Highway 185:

Must-see sights along the way:

  1. Rio Grande River
  2. Robledo Mountains to the west
  3. Doña Ana Mountains to the east
  4. Sierra de las Uvas Mountains
  5. Tonuco Mountain
  6. Agriculture: farms, ranches, crops, animals
  7. Rio Grande Bridge at Radium Springs
  8. Pecan orchards
  9. Wildlife

Scenic way to reach:

  1. Fort Selden Historic Site
  2. Leasburg Dam State Park
  3. Blue Moon Bar
  4. Broad Canyon
  5. Faulkner Canyon
  6. Slot Canyon
  7. Hatch, NM
  8. Doña Ana, NM
  9. Radium Springs, NM
  10. Geronimo’s Cave
  11. Broad Canyon

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