New Mexico Highway 28 travels from Mesilla, NM to north El Paso, TX. Running alongside the Rio Grande, the drive is one of the more widely-known, traveled highways in the area. It's popularity is due in large part to the Stahmann Farms pecan orchards. The trees have grown over the roadway, making for a sight straight out of a fairytale. Highway 28 is also home to Chopes Bar & Café, known for its tasty New Mexican food. Rio Grande Winery Vineyard & Winery and La Viña Winery are also hot spots along the roadway, and very much a testament to New Mexico's thriving, centuries-old wine industry.

Watch a portion of the scenic drive on New Mexico Highway 28:


Must-see sights along the way:


Rio Grande flowing in southern New Mexico


  1. Rio Grande Winery Vineyard & Winery vineyards
  2. La Viña Winery vineyards
  3. Rio Grande
  4. Pecan orchards including Stahmann Farm's pecan orchards
  5. Agriculture: farms, ranches, crops, animals
  6. Wildlife
  7. Organ Mountains to the east
  8. Tortugas "A" Mountain to the east


Rio Grande Vineyard & Winery









Scenic way to reach:

  1. Chopes Bar & CaféCopy of Day Trip
  2. Rio Grande Vineyard & Winery
  3. La Viña Winery
  4. Stahmann Farms
  5. Mesilla, NM
  6. La Mesa, NM
  7. San Miguel, NM
  8. Vado, NM
  9. La Union, NM
  10. Anthony, NM
  11. Texas/New Mexico border
  12. North El Paso, TX

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