Artist Anahy Nuñez is multi-talented, using her skills as a body painter, mural painter, tattoo artist, co-owns a local tattoo shop and giftshop, and is a freelance artist.

Local Latina artist Anahy Nuñez wins bid with postage stamp-style design

Visit Las Cruces is proud to announce Anahy Nuñez as the artist chosen to paint a large-scale mural on the Las Cruces Visitors Center. Nuñez was one of 65 applicants from all over the U.S. who submitted their designs. Through an extensive selection process, Nuñez’s artwork, titled “Con Amor,” a postage stamp-style concept, captured the colorful culture that draws visitors to the city.

Nuñez is widely known as a professional face and body painter, tattoo artist, and multi-media freelance artist. Her passion for the area and its Hispanic culture can be seen in her creations and in the two businesses she co-owns with her fiancé and fellow artist Aaron Valenzuela - Atom Bomb Studio and La Tiendita Gift Shop, both located in downtown Las Cruces. The title “Con Amor” translates to “With Love”, befitting as Nuñez’ love for her hometown shines through in her mural concept.

Local artist Anahy Nuñez contributed to the “Color Me Cruces” mural in downtown Las Cruces. Her new mural, “Con Amor” will be located on the east-facing side of the Visit Las Cruces Visitors Center, 336 Main St. She was chosen as part of a months-long process, in which dozens of applicants from across the country participated.

“Born and raised in Las Cruces, I wanted to encompass everything that makes up the beauty of this city, the wonderful community, and its colorful landscape. I poured my heart onto a canvas for this mural and I created ‘Con Amor,' a visual love letter for the city that made me the artist I am today.” said Nuñez. “I’m very proud to share this creation with everyone and hope that they enjoy becoming a piece of the artwork itself.”

Applicants were asked to create a large, outdoor mural to fill approximately 860 square feet of space and that invited visitors to take photos as they immerse themselves in it. The mural will cover the exterior wall of the Visit Las Cruces building, facing Main Street. The winning concept makes for a  colorful representation of the city while also adding to the City’s growing collection of Insta-worthy murals.

“Las Cruces is a vibrant and culturally-rich destination, known for its authentic and welcoming community,” said Visit Las Cruces Executive Director Rochelle Miller-Hernandez. “Our city is more than just one attraction or location. It is an abundance of diverse experiences that we invite visitors and locals alike to enjoy and fall in love with.”

In partnership with Valenzuela, Nuñez plans to have the piece completed within 30 days from start. Work on the mural will begin in early spring and the finished art is expected to be officially unveiled at a ribbon cutting in April 2023.